Bedford Footcare - M. J. Burton - Qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist



Registered with the Health Professions Council

Telephone 01234 271345 (and answerphone)

Mobile 07944 678344 (9am to 5pm)
Within 6 miles of Bedford - I visit you

      About the service:-

Look HERE to see what Orthotics can do for you

Health Professions Council

Whatever your foot problems:- callouses, corns, verrucae, ingrowing nails, long or thick nails, infected nails, or simply tired feet in need of a good massage - why suffer?

For all your feet will ever need in a privately cared-for capacity; including cryosurgery (gets rid of all those stubborn veruccae). Even treatment in between NHS appointments when they are proving to be too far apart for you!

Do you suffer from pain in neck, back, knees, shins or heels? Find out how wearing Orthotics can help reduce pain and stress. We can carry out biomechanical assessment and provide custom-made Orthotics to correct leg length discrepancies and problems with the normal gait cycle, especially after knee or hip operations!

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